Thai Yod Thip Co., Ltd. Is a food processing industry and been established since 1987. It is situated on the vast land of 116 rai in Prachuabkirikhan province with 200 million baht in capital investment. We have started our business by making preserved pineapple jam and became successful. Since then, it has had the highest growth potential and considered to be one of the most completive vendors amongs others in Thailand. At the present, the business has consistently expanded to a full line of preserved fruit products such as licyhees and rambutans etc, and variety of fruit juice in cans with a maximum productive capacity up to 300 tons/day our manufacturing has met international standards for sanitation and now is exporting to all around the world.

Thai Yod Thip enterprise has been set on an ample terrain and environment. It’s location is suitable for an industrial site including raw materials, labor and safety measurements. We’ve received recognition certificates from international organizations such as, GMP, HACCP and ISO there for should the prospective.

Buyers be confident that our manufacturing is first rate and we honor the satisfaction guarantee policies on shipping, handling and high qualities.